Thursday, August 14, 2008


"To Life!" What a wonderful toast. My husband Fred taught me about the beauty of this expression. In his column in Long Island Pulse magazine he explains that L'Chaim is not just wishing for health, or celebrating an occasion, or urging on drinking--it's embracing life itself, with all its troubles and pains as well as its joys. This commitment to all of life reminds me of the wedding vows "for richer, for poorer/in sickness and in health..." Let's raise a glass of champagne or Diet Coke (which our son Max solemnly calls "The drink of my people"--for some reason this really cracks me up) and shout "L'Chaim!" And I think you'll enjoy Fred's column; it's at

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Molly Altizer Evans said...

Thank you for posting your husband Fred's column. I enjoyed reading it and thought how fortunate you two writers are to have each other! Just another Shiksa