Thursday, August 14, 2008

Book Review:What to Do When You're Dating a Jew

In What to Do When You're Dating a Jew, two nice and very funny Jewish girls, Vikki Weiss and Jennifer A. Block, attempt to "keep you from ordering a ham and cheese sandwich in a kosher deli or planning a party to celebrate the Jewish New Year. Think of it as a little advance warning about what you are getting into by dating a Jew. You'll thank us later."
I wish I could have read it many years ago when I fell in love with Fred, but alas--or rather, oy veh--this delightful book wasn't published until 2000. If you want to learn a lot and laugh until your kishkes hurt, it's Must Reading. The authors can be irreverent and politically incorrect in a way we shiksas never could, even if we knew the stuff, which we don't, which is why we need the book.... For example, in the chapter on holidays they write, "Some may be disappointed that the High Holy Days have nothing to do with marijuana. These same people will take comfort in learning that there is a big feast at the end. But you've got to suffer a little to get there."
Have you ever wondered if synagogue, temple, and shul are the same? Weiss and Block explain it all for you: "Orthodox Jews usually use the word shul. Conservative Jews say they are going to synagogue. Reform Jews go to temple, but not often."
This breezy how-to-fit-in book doesn't tackle very serious issues such as conversion, spirituality, and morality. Sprinkled with recipes, anecdotes, and jokes, What to Do When You're Dating a Jew introduces you to holidays, jewish food, and the major stages and rituals in Jewish life, love, and death. So read it already!

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oke it is one of *them* days..roshashana..and I figure to know a little more about it,won't hurt,even if I have heard the word always in some form or other(occasions),while growing up in holland(after THE war and living in the states for some years ),attending school with also jewish kids from the nearby orphanage.even fell in love with one of them for a life time.and since that part had to wait a long time to come true and now..oh well that's another story,still i thought today let me just google-it and then i(I) find you..and your delightful site and thus this too..bookreviews..and i sit with a grin on the face..and thought i better let you know you have put lots of work into your site.thanks it is fun reading.make it a great day,shana tova,groetjes kitty from bussum holland