Monday, December 15, 2008

The Wedding Ceremony: Religious or Civil?

Fred and I were married in the Bronx County Courthouse 43 years ago. The building was in ruins, and urchins sat on the steps. Inside, my mother wept (and not from joy) when she saw the signs saying "Don't spit on the floor" in English and Spanish. We settled upon this wretched venue for two reasons: 1. Fred's parents had been married there, and they had had a very happy marriage, and 2. (this is pure speculation on my part) my parents were embarrassed to have an interfaith wedding in my small Missouri town. Anyway, the wedding was hardly any girl's fantasy, but the marriage has worked!

Follow this link for a helpful discussion of whether or not to have a religious ceremony. Nina Calloway of advises on the pros and cons of religious, interfaith, and secular weddings.

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